Tuesday, November 15, 2011

Contemporary Poetry

GARAGE SALE by Laure-Anne Bosselaar

This poem is has a very sad tone to it. The speaker sold the bed her mother died in for a "song." My interpretation is that the speaker is very troubled over selling the bed. The "song" she sells the bed for is like that of "yearning like an orphans." And the tune is "garroted" which, after I looked it up, found that it was a Spanish method of execution where they would fasten an iron collar around someone's neck and choke them to death with it. Not quite the uppity version of a "song" that you might have originally thought of. I also think the line, "For the kind of song only morning can slap on love-stained sheets..." represents when something great that you don't want to end is taken away  from you. Literally, it's the love that was made, but in the author's instance it is the abrupt death of her mother.

I didn't necessarily understand the un-broken bread and river to the ferryman's oar part of the poem. Those seemed to me like they weren't as negative and more optimistic.

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