Saturday, November 12, 2011

Flash Fiction

The Hamster by Tara Laskowski

This is the story of a hamster that has escaped from its cage. The mother of the children's hamster hears the hamster scratching through the walls. She can't stand to think about how her son, Damien, will feel if the hamster dies, so she attempts to rescue it. In order to do so, she jury-rigs a makeshift ramp in a hole under the sink. In the end, she feels the hamster testing the ramp, hopefully coming to be rescued.

1 comment:

  1. Interesting story! At the end of the story when we are left with the cliff hanger of whether or not the hamster will trust the ramp, it reminds me of when people aren't able to commit to things. You will see someone make a decision as simple as a TV station. They are then unable to commit to that station and they try to find other stations that would be better. I think that is what our society is hung up on doing, finding the next best thing. Instead of trying to find something that is adequate, it is all about trying to find the best, whatever that may be.