Friday, November 25, 2011

Feed pt. 1

I would give a summary of Feed, but assuming that we all read it, I would much rather just discuss it.

In my mind, this is an uncanny representation of what the feed is. After I read the book and saw this commercial, I was flabbergasted. To me, this is exactly what the feed is. In Feed, technology plays an imperative role in pretty much everyone's life. Essentially, the kids no longer go to school to learn about commonplace things, but they go to learn how to better use the feed! I guess if I had a computer implanted in my skull I wouldn't need to go to school anymore either. I can't even fathom having every bit of knowledge at my fingerprints, or better yet, in my brain.

This commercial struck me as almost exactly what the feed was in the novel. It's almost a human-to-computer interaction. It involves no human contact at all. All you need is the computer itself. It blows my mind that, as a society, we are moving towards this level of technology. You can simply ask your phone a question now and it will respond immediately to you as if you are having a conversation? It literally blows my mind. I've been waiting to blog about this commercial since the moment I read Feed and saw this commercial. Did this remind anyone else of the feed?

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